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Refuge in Refuse

A nest of twigs and milkcartons

Simply Stan
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Freakishly tall for a guy who's 5'10". Teetering on the verge of some unseen abyss but is growing wings so might just survive this weirdness.
Has loved, has lost love; has found love again but then put it down somewhere on the kitchen counter and can't seem to spot it right now. Is comfy knowing that there's love in the kitchen - somewhere. Meanwhile there's always cheese.

I wrangle Pandas and Professors at a large university for a living. Pandas are the nickname I give to the students in my program. I dig them, they dig me, we dig each other, it's groovy - oh yeah!

So hey; hi.

People have had this to say about me*:

  • "He's a good clotter." - my Dental Surgeon

  • "Nice cheeks for a caucasian guy." - A Client

  • "You should work in radio." - another client