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Posted on 2005.11.21 at 17:58
Feels like: waiting
Listening to: devot ........ votc........ votchka
Today was a day for waiting.
Nothing seemed to want to move like it was supposed to. The whole city was cranking but not turning over; you could sense the reluctance everywhere. Nobody likes to makes decisions on monday. Nobody wants to be first; so you wait.

My Devotchka CD came in the mail today. Well, technically it's Lori's but she doesn't know it yet. I like to offer her cool new music for Christmas and I totally lucked in this year again thanks to lovelies like _r_e_q_u_i_e_m_. Smooch Mwah!
I'm listening to their stream now on my insane paupernet connection. Five seconds of buffer then wait fifteen for another tease. Repeat as necessary. It's what I have to do as I wait for the holidays to roll around, though I've got for of their songs on the work PC. If I can just just wait until tomorrow I'll be able to enjoy a full river of devotchka sound again- never mind this trickling stream.

I'm hungry. I'm waiting til Lori gets home so that we can make dinner.
Drinks and dinner, rather. Supper can always wait a little. We'll be having hand-packed west-coast salmon courtesy of zombling and _r_e_q_u_i_e_m_ on a wee hillock of risotto. Ah bliss. I can't wait to return the kindness.

I wanted to drop off my roll of film to the developers after work. They were closed. I was afraid I'd have to wait another day but no. One of the guys let me in for just the time that it took to scratch out a development order. My chickadee pics are on that roll. If they turn out I'll post them here. I hope that they're worth the wait.


(Deleted comment)
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2005-11-22 11:33 (UTC) (Permanent link)
It was! Quite yummy indeed! I wasn't sure about the risotto at first but it complemented the salmon admirably. :)
(Deleted comment)
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2005-11-22 14:07 (UTC) (Permanent link)
I did, very much so.
Thank you again, for everything. :)
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