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Posted on 2005.11.15 at 18:05
I looked up and fell in love with the city again.

Snow drops on my glasses makes the skyscraper lights all magical. You can peer into lives now that it's dark on your way home. You can see the keeners at their computers, you can see night classes, you can see everything - and they can't see you.

I got a soaker. I got it the second my right foot hit the slushy pavement. It wasn't one of the good soakers that trickled puddle water over the top of your billy-boots; it was one of those slow leaks that squeezes in a drop of cold cold water with every squishy step. Your foot warms up the water as it comes in so it's kind of alright.

Coming home I saw a lone car at an intersection. Just one car - and a plastic grocery bag. The intersection was taped off with that flimsy yellow tape that cops use all the time - the kind of tape that I always want to get my hands on to play practical jokes and stuff.

People walked by real slowly. There was nothing to see but that didn't seem to matter. People walking by with their heads down, keeping the rain off their glasses or thinking how someone's not coming home tonight. Passersby looked quizzically at each other hoping to learn what had happened - even though everybody already kind of knew. Nobody spoke; it was only the broken windshield that had anything to say.


(Anonymous) at 2005-12-08 23:44 (UTC) (Permanent link)
can you remind me again, why it was that you thought it would be better to remain distant from me?

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