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a movie related post.

Posted on 2005.10.11 at 12:27
Listening to: The Fallen - Franz Ferdinand!
Hi. (banal entry follows)

Finally saw Serenity over the weekend. I've loved that show (Firefly) from the start and was plenty pissed that Fox annihilated it from their line-up so when I heard that a movie was in the making I was all Wo0t about it.
But then it was so long in coming that I completely forgot about it - until last week when we realized that if we didn't shake our arses from our routine we'd miss the silver-screen showing entirely. So shake we did and Wo0t! It was all I could ever have wanted! It was great and it explained in more depth a few of the characters that never much made sense to me. As a matter of fact it was all about the characters, each of which had well developed and engaging personalities. It wasn't like watching Ewan McGregor in StarWars emoting with all the flexibilty of a marble column. Nope. I actually cared about the characters and that's what took the movie over the top.

So I loved it, yes. And I want more - which is kind of amazing as Hollywood (tm) has been leaving me completely flat recently - but not this time. Not this time, and that gives me hope for more believable and engaging characters and less reliance on empty SFX from the Dreamweavers.

Well... I can dream, can't I?

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