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Drum Bunny
Posted on 2005.05.06 at 08:40
Hey guess what!
Karla Homolka wants to live in my neighbourhood after she's done her time for those sex-slayings.
Wunnerful. (news report)

Go ahead, google her; you know you wanna.

I wonder if that Private All-Girls College up the street will freak when that sheep hits the fan.


the grey again
thegreyagain at 2005-05-06 13:11 (UTC) (Permanent link)
Oh... fun. Just what everyone wants in their neighborhood, a serial killer!
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2005-05-06 19:05 (UTC) (Permanent link)
Well, at least she's kinda pretty, I suppose. :-/
im_impulsive at 2005-05-06 14:00 (UTC) (Permanent link)
Ah, I can imagine you inviting Karla over for barbecue nights now. Won't that be fun. The stories she could tell you!
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2005-05-06 19:08 (UTC) (Permanent link)
Were that to happen, you can be sure that I would insist on supplying the meat. Who knows what she might think to bring.
Oh damn, I'd have to supply the drinks too - a boy never knows if his drink's been spiked...
harbouring at 2005-05-06 15:32 (UTC) (Permanent link)
you know, i really see her dead about two months after she moves into whatever neighbourhood they put her in.
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2005-05-06 19:04 (UTC) (Permanent link)
I wonder how she might meet her fate in my gentle little hood. We're too well brought-up (wimply) to physically put the hurt on her, but maybe if we all corner her and stone her to death with our cell-phones... hmmm... *We needses to gets us a cell-phone, don't we preciousss...*
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