Simply Stan (paperpath) wrote,
Simply Stan

these are the things that i've been noticing:

  • email never comes back fast enough.

  • two Cirque-school boys do backflips on the subway platform. No one looks but they all see them.

  • she was reading a book about oxygen, the cover was the same colour as her panties.

  • a couple amidst a thousand stunted smiles kiss - the sensation still new and forbidden

  • a grown man bounces a yellow tennis ball down the street as though in middle school. he always smiles

  • the young greek lady fingers a strand of worry-beads - the old country is never that far away

  • he studies them all quietly - his eyes squint as though he's just read their private thought bubbles. he's blind

  • i would write a poem that would make you ask what i cannot answer

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