Simply Stan (paperpath) wrote,
Simply Stan

There's so much angst and sadness in the world. There I was, moping about my life and doing a little wallowing in the company of a stinky cigar when I learned that someone witnessed, quite accidentally, some child porn online.
She didn't seek it out, she simply stumbled upon some guy's LJ page that had some.
Everything came into perspective right then. My problems and fears shriveled immediately and my thoughts went out out to both the victims and the poor sick bastard whose lives were impacted by this reprehensible act.
There's so much hurt out there that needs tending to. I feel so sad and helpless that I can't fix any of it. And yet mine is only one tear in a torrent of tears.
Every day we strive to be decent people and every day there's something out there that pushes our limits and strength.

I remember being told that rinsing one's mouth with salt water helped get rid of the post-cigar mouth funk. I have no idea how to deal with this, though. There's not enough salt in the ocean to wash this horror away. There aren't enough flannel sheets and blankets to hide under. It just has to be one step forward at a time, forging into the ugly mess that is our existence.

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