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I am no longer the product.

Posted on 2018.04.30 at 13:28
Current Location: Montreal
Listening to: Let the Rhythm Just - The Polish Ambassador


It just hit me after my divorce with Facebook that I should suport Livejournal with a couple of bucks.

I remember In the Beginning of the Internet" thinking that free hosting was some kind of right.  I think that I'm over that now, having seen the actual cost of free hosting, and having also compared it with the cost of a slightly fancy lunch. So here I am, all paid up and feeling like I struck a blow in the name of freedom. I'm happy. Now if only if I could get that Identify Music thingy to work automagically instead of having to type the current song's details in the wee box.

Not much of an entry, eh? Sorry, I have to get some actual work doone. ;-)

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