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When the world hands you pocky sticks

Posted on 2018.04.16 at 09:58
Feels like: In love with love.
Listening to: Bill Withers - Who Is He (And What Is He To You)

That's it. Nothing deep, insightful, or important; just a silly photo on this ice-slick of a Montreal morning. The freezing rain has left us with a beautiful, yet treacherous city. I didn't take a photo, there was no time before my hasty descent into the underground.

The commute? It was pretty good given that the schools are closed because of the freezing rain. On the Métro today I spotted one commuter rehearsing her presentation off of hand-written cue cards. Thin lips memorizing as quickly as they could as the deadline loomed large.
Another, a couple - newly-minted - shared earbuds, shy smiles, and a sense of wonder as they happily stood in each others' bubble, she holding onto his arm for balance and he occasionally reaching out to caress her face.

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