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Wait, what? The future is now already?

Posted on 2018.04.03 at 14:38

I remember watching an episode of Black Mirror titled Nosedive a while back. It had to do with how a stronger rating of your online persona made it easier to have nicer things etc. etc.
I watched the episode with a sense of foreboding and amusement as I imagined this kind of scenario maybe realizing itself within the next decade or so. Clearly the world moves far faster than I think it does because in today's news the following headline:

China to ban citizens with bad 'social credit' rating from taking flights or using trains for up to a year

I concede the idea must look absolutely brilliant to governments who want to keep everyone and everything in tidy order but has no one thought about the black market this will create? Will it be a quick bitcoin transfer and poof, Vladimir has added just the right amount of likes to your Social Credit score?
Maybe this won't happen, but I like to think of the dystopic society this could create - as a mental exercise, of course.

Right; end ramble.

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