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Posted on 2018.04.01 at 10:37
Now I remember why FB took off so quickly, leaving LJ to gather lint in its navel; autocorrect!
I am loathe to admit it but FB does have an easier interface and we all - myself included - like things to be easy. Right?
I'm not talking about the deep life stuff that builds character, just social media.


So it's Easter today. There was a basket of goidies on the diningroom table for me last Friday. A monster Kinder Surprise egg and a couple of Lindt bunnies. I didn't even have to bend down to look for my chocolates under the sofa, they were right there in front of me - a "fait accompli". Easy! And you know what, I'm not even going to complain that it made Easter feel like a routine chore.
I made the appropriate glee noises and let my eyes twinkle of course, then we went to the baker's to get her a fancy chocolate doodad which she only bit into on the next day.

Do you remember the Monty Python part when they go "and there was much rejoicing"? Yeah, it was like that a bit.
So anyeay I've got a completely useless Kinder toy truck that I push around the diningroom table like I'm an eight year old and I'm thinking "Why did I need this plastic thing that I will recycle within the next few day?"
So I have a couple of mouthfuls of chocolate and let my mind wander off the topic.
Happy Easter, btw. They found Christ's body so we'll have to cancel Easter from now on. Sorry, Nestlé.

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