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No, you're short and stout!

Posted on 2018.03.29 at 14:11
Listening to: Let the Rhythm Just - The Polish Ambassador

Sometimes, when you're desperate for something to shake loose the weirdest things seem to turn up.

This was the first incantation; a teapot home surrounded by it's monsterly inhabitants. In a way it reminded me to let myself return to the playfulness of my youth. It was a door chime announcing that something new was coming in - if I let it.
Later in the week I took an impromptu hike up Mount Royal where I was able to vocalize what had been getting me down.

Oh? (fuck!)
Yellow for grey (days)
I can't see the forest (for the trees)
(Oh, to) To fall in love again
(this is) My voice, my eyes

So I put that all out there on IG and got a smattering of likes for the effort. IG is not the place to open your heart; they look without seeing there. I'm fine with that. It was good for me to shake some things off and speak things out loud. I didn't need or want ears, only a voice to cast out to the overcast city.

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