October 18th, 2019

just snippets that I don't necessarily want to forget just yet.

Driving back from Thanksgiving at Dad's chalet we encountered the following road-kill:
a fox
some skunks
and a trout.

Had I actually stopped to retirieve the trout it would have been the biggest fish I had ever "caught". It was at least the size of a keyboard, maybe larger. I can honestly say I thought it was about three bananas in length.

Today, a student approached me to alert me to the fact that a sparrow was spotted in the Dean's area. Despite my tossing it crumbs from my sandwich it refused to let itself be appoached - much less caught. It made for a fun friday morning. The sparrow remains on the loose.

What else... oh yeah.. I was thinking about tattoos the other day, wondering what kind of tattoo would best represent me. It bugged me that any of the designs I thought would suit me wouldn't but today I saw something that made me realize that my one interest that may have flagged and wavered from time to time but was a constant since my early reading days was a rocket-ship. The design that came to mind was the Doubleday Science Fiction logo - not that I would reproduce their brand on my body. Well, not for free at any rate.

So that's it. Nothing deeper than that for the journal. baby steps, amirite?