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Posted on 2007.07.27 at 15:54
Amazing day.

My friend Elizabeth and I went to <A href="http://www.st-armand.com/English/E01-welcome.php">St-Armand</a> where they make paper by hand. I even got a personal tour of the premises by the founder and we talked paper and pounds and M weight  and inclusions and calendering and omfg I could have stayed there overnight !
When we finally had to leave, Elizabeth told me that it was like dragging a child out of a candy store.

So after that, we drove up to <a href="http://www.aupapierjaponais.com/">au papier japonais</a> where we lusted over amazingly beautiful papers from japan, bali, and other east asian countries. I bought the most amazing sheets that have silk thread inclusions. I'm absolutely ecstatic.

Oh, and it's like a million degrees outside and I have beer so really, this day couldn't get any better.

One more week of vacation.


Milk Lady
kdbuttongirl at 2007-07-27 23:31 (UTC) (Permanent link)
Oooooh I am so envious! I love Au Papier Japonais. Also one of the paper artists who sells stuff at Au Papier lives not far on St. Laurent. Somehow I got a tour of her workshop once upon a time. And what's that school called... um reliure d'art or something. Ah. *Sigh*
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