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What I did / will do on my long weekend.

Posted on 2007.06.30 at 08:39
Plans for the Canada Day weekend!

Escape office at 13:00. Race home and goof off until Lori gets home. Take out BBQ, grill snootty sausages (boar and bison) serve with Rosotto and a '98 Masi Campofiorin.
Get my ass handed to me at scrabble, then watch the flickering lights of the glass teat though my eyelids.

Sleep in until 07:00
Must find and wear my Mohawk Warriors Society pin to show support. Damn Gov't has been fuxoring them over since we got here and it's time that shit stopped. Resolve their Land Claims, you Bastidges!!
Then, go to the Jean-Talon market, buy exotic foods, like, um, sausages and curries and pretty much anything else that takes my fancy but won't bankrupt me. Maybe drop by Le Petit Alep (Syrian cuisine) for lunch before raiding the market. I'm not safe in markets when I've got an empty stomach. Not safe at all.

Errands and assorted chores. Yes, God rested on the seventh day but that was because faithless peons like myself were scrubbing the floors so he didn't have to. We're thoughtful like that, we unbelievers.
Then, in the p.m. ... West end BBQ! Roast critter at a friends place. Will bring camera to freak out camera-shy Pam. Will bring beer and/or other elixirs to assuage Pam. and Pete, and everyone present. Good times will be had!

Bread and bland soup.
Then, upon recovery - a palpable possibility of piratical entertainment with ZandR. Maybe even food bits afterward - depending on moods and schedules.

Return to salt mine.


_r_e_q_u_i_e_m_ at 2007-06-30 15:14 (UTC) (Permanent link)
whoa- i like how we're zandr. how very sci-fi character of us ^_^
we'll see you tomorrow as well :D!
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