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canned air smells better than life.

Posted on 2007.06.12 at 20:41
Current Location: Inside, looking out.
Listening to: Every day is exactly the same. NiN
I remember when summer meant that your neighbours would start poking their heads out of their homes and that for the very brief season the tiny community in which we all lived would coalesce into something nice; something human and caring. We'd all take delight in re-acquainting ourselves with each other as the long evenings made porch parties a hella good idea. It was a rebirth, and we became better people for the exercise. Connections were rekindled, friendships re-established.
Slowly, however, people started getting air conditioners. First it was the the older peeps, of course. They "minded the heat so." They'd worked a lifetime and wanted a bit of comfort so they splurged and got themselves a top of the line unit that would both keep them cool and reduce their allergy symptoms in one convenient operation. Canned air. Constant comfort that was so delicious that more and more it became a chore to venture outdoors.
I rarely see my neighbours anymore, they've all become shut-ins; crazy people afraid of the elements. Lonely people that only have the TV to keep them company through the frigid summer nights.

Technology makes our lives better. I think that particular mantra needs some retooling.

Oh, and if you're indoors anyway, check out my YouTube (search paperpath) movies and give me some feedback. I'm here, waiting. Indoors. Alone.

[EDIT] Sit Here shows me that I'm not alone. You should go see too.


servermonkey at 2007-06-20 18:50 (UTC) (Permanent link)
The heat here in Florida has been infernal.

While I KNOW I need to get out more, I have to pick a time when the balance of heat and bugs is just right.
servermonkey at 2007-06-20 18:59 (UTC) (Permanent link)
Oh yeah, I also meant to add that in my game fixation KoL (Kingdom of Loathing), Breathetastic™ Premium Canned Air fetches a nice price.

I myself shelled out muchissimo meat for some cans of it a while back.
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