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Posted on 2007.04.24 at 18:39
Just sitting here in this empty house with
Jack Daniels and Citizen Cope
drumming fingers on all and any surface
dropping the bucket into the well
and drawing up gallons of me.


satirical at 2007-04-24 23:44 (UTC) (Permanent link)
I am in complete "I am old" crisis at the moment with my diet coke & vodka & an empty house too. I have no idea where all this time has gone. sadsadsad. not to mention that I have watched/listened to Alanis do "My Humps" on YouTube like 20 times now. This aside from everything else requires its own intervention.


Simply Stan
paperpath at 2007-04-26 00:46 (UTC) (Permanent link)
Big hugs.
I know where all your time has gone, and for as much time that is I assure you that you're not old. You've got everything ahead of you. Like spring.
skunkflower at 2007-04-25 00:53 (UTC) (Permanent link)
Just sitting in this house, my home
with sushi and work
remembering the brilliant stylin's
of a bunch of kids
at a poetry jam.
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2007-04-26 00:42 (UTC) (Permanent link)
Hella good idea.
Whatcha doing for lunch? Thurs? Fri?
loveasaverb at 2007-04-25 00:55 (UTC) (Permanent link)
Me too, but without the JD.
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2007-04-26 00:43 (UTC) (Permanent link)
You should always have a 50ml stash of JD coz you never know. Sometimes you just never know.
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