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Posted on 2007.01.24 at 09:05
... and, speaking of unmade beds (photo-meme, 19 jan '07) here's an interesting tid-bit for all you messy-bed people:

Jeff Bredenberg, author of How to Cheat at Cleaning (Taunto) advises readers to stop making beds. "Dust mites thrive on moisture in your bed cover and mattress," he explains. The mites cuse asthma and other breathing difficulties. "When you leave your bed unmade all day, the moisture escapes and the dust mites die."

Source: Globe & Mail, jan 23 '07)


jumpcut at 2007-01-24 14:43 (UTC) (Permanent link)
This will be my new excuse for not making the bed. Thanks! :)
_r_e_q_u_i_e_m_ at 2007-01-24 15:10 (UTC) (Permanent link)
man, i am SO safe.
Humor me
nephthys510 at 2007-01-24 16:46 (UTC) (Permanent link)
So THERE, mom!

I've never made my bed. I couldn't understand it. I was just going to unmake it in a few hours.

Then again, I am the Anti-June-Cleaver.
ulvain at 2007-01-24 18:34 (UTC) (Permanent link)
if only this would work for my brother - probably both the person who's bed is made the fewest times per year, and at the same time who has one of the worst case of asthma...

then again, the constant dust in the appartment probably doesn't help.

Interresting how it justifies "airing" the bed sheets, covers and pillows, like they did in our parent's or grandparent's generations...
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