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Drum Bunny
Posted on 2006.10.26 at 21:22
Feels like: gnash
Listening to: System of a Down
twelve, fourteen, eighteen.
the metro shivers into the station and stops
It takes forever for the doors to open and the waiting train across the platform ages by a million days.

We'll never catch it
a thousand sheep bleat
and someone evil laughs just a little bit.
Black clad commuters except for
dressed in green
You could never spot him in the forest if it weren't for the blood
but here he's the only thing you can see.
Fresh air - sorta
stale and hot and miffed
and the sprint.

The army man is the first across the tiles and hangs
nonchalantly off the pole
his hardcover while all the civvies
moisten their undies
from the exertion of a
ten metre dash.

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