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Posted on 2006.06.09 at 09:01
Cold Grey Day - a delight to all my favourite Maritimers. :)

Going on campus again. It'll feel weird walking past my old office but I suppose it's good that I do so. Doing lunch with kdbuttongirl at the little Korean place across from the Uni. and I'm really looking forward to that. Maybe I'll even figure out what to do with that soup and the accompaniments that they start your lunch with. Do you plunk the potatoes and the kimchi and the other thing into the broth and eat the whole with your soup spoon? I don't know exactly, but that's how I'm going to try it this time. Yep.

After lunch, I'm picking up my tickets from Gare Centrale, then picking up some groceries for tonights' Biryani. I think I'll also surprise Lori by doing all the housework so that we can have the weekend to enjoy ourselves instead of huffing the hoover around the place.

_r_e_q_u_i_e_m_, I think that saturdays' picnic is looking like it could be a bit soggy. If it turns into an indoor thing, I don't expect you'll want me to bring my discs nor my boomerang, eh?


_r_e_q_u_i_e_m_ at 2006-06-09 14:11 (UTC) (Permanent link)
mmm, cold wet and grey. how i loves it.

ash wants to postpone, but i think we should all hang out and then try again next month for the real deal.
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2006-06-09 14:50 (UTC) (Permanent link)
2 for 1?
Yeah, I'm good with that!
Even if it's not going to be picnicish, what can we bring?
_r_e_q_u_i_e_m_ at 2006-06-09 14:51 (UTC) (Permanent link)
bring the same stuff you would for a picnic- we'll just do it inside. i already have the badminton net up in the bathroom ;)
_r_e_q_u_i_e_m_ at 2006-06-09 15:12 (UTC) (Permanent link)
btw- did you actually want a foam head? b/c we found some at the local second hand store...
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2006-06-09 20:41 (UTC) (Permanent link)
A foam head would be Awesome!
How much are they?
_r_e_q_u_i_e_m_ at 2006-06-09 22:43 (UTC) (Permanent link)
like 3$- i'll check to see if they still have them!!

and, it looks like everyone is bailing on the indoor picnic thing- do you guys still want to come here and watch a movie or maybe go for lunch or... i dont know what else :P
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2006-06-10 12:53 (UTC) (Permanent link)
Lunch and a movie? We're up for that, hell yeah!
So, closer to noon then?
_r_e_q_u_i_e_m_ at 2006-06-10 14:13 (UTC) (Permanent link)
yes please! be here at noon, perfect perfect!!!
harbouring at 2006-06-09 14:45 (UTC) (Permanent link)
i would love to throw a frisbee around this weekend, but it looks like it is going to rain ALL weekend :( :( :( ugh.

i hope you have a great lunch today!
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2006-06-09 14:51 (UTC) (Permanent link)
Yeah, drizzley suckage all weekend here, too.
Thanks! :) I know that lunch will be great!
Milk Lady
kdbuttongirl at 2006-06-09 17:47 (UTC) (Permanent link)


That was a *yummy* lunch. Thank you Stan. Next time I treat you to Mr. Steer... Or I could just eat Korean for, like, ever. *food coma*

Simply Stan
paperpath at 2006-06-09 20:48 (UTC) (Permanent link)

Re: Yum!

You are totally welcome, Kristina. And seeing your face when you first tasted the kimchi... priceless! :)

Steerbuger or Kimchi...Those are tough choices!
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