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The Sheep Look Up.

Posted on 2006.05.05 at 18:02
From the $2 magazine that I bought from the homeless man I learned, in a better french than mine, that two towns in Montreal (CSL and Westmount) have privatised their waterworks and that, without fuss or fanfare and not a peep from the blinkered electorate.

Jesus fuck, how the hell was that permitted to happen?

Who knew, or rather, who expected such vitally important news from such an unexpected source? It's only when I remembered a certain garbageman, also an unlikely source of knowledge of environmental disease that it hit me.. the future is now.
Dubbya, SUV's, bottled tap-water and the Organic Revolution brought to you by Multi-National food corporations - all of it presaged in the 70's and now obliquely reported upon in that section of the sunday paper that you never read; that Paper you might pick up in the supermarket where you just bought your freezerpak dinner and your microwave munchies.



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