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Drum Bunny
Posted on 2006.03.21 at 12:26
It's amazing that I still remembered how to spell solidarnosc after all these years.

The first time I ever encountered the term was when I was living up by the Polish Consulate on Pine Ave. I don't recall what year it was but I know it was back in the 1900's. The late 1900's, yes. It was at this place that there was a hunger-striker and his entourage of supporters that I'd pass every day when I came home from work. At first it was a bit of an inconvenience trying to walk around the tent and the group of protestors without getting run-over by the mental-cases careening down Pine avenue at 60kph. and I'd grumble and think dark thoughts at them for causing me the inconvenience. I mean, Hey! All this stuff happening in Poland had nothing to do with me so fuck them and get off the sidewalk, right?

Yeah, for a couple of days that's how I felt, but with the media and their mothers all covering Walesa's Fight my stance softened because I started to understand the implications of the situation.
So when I offered to print their pamphlets I wasn't completely surprised to hear myself decline payment. I couldn't take their money. I wouldn't, and that's because I felt that was the right thing to do.
Yeah, it cost me. I was only eking a living for myself and the cost of a couple of thousand pamphlets hurt like a son of a bitch but I never regretted it for a minute. As a matter of fact it's one of the things that I'm kinda proud of. I stood by someone else.

Today I stand by someone again, and though she's not Polish I raise the red and white standard.....

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