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In Strict Confidence

Posted on 2004.10.22 at 18:05
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She shoots, SHE SCORES!!
pisceandreamer at 2004-10-23 19:10 (UTC) (Permanent link)
I didn't know Canada even had Freedom Fighters before now...

BTW, like the icon, where is it from?
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2004-10-23 20:43 (UTC) (Permanent link)
I was just as suprised to hear of the freedom fighters as you were! ;-)

Thanks, the icon is from a photo I took in Washington - at the Hirshmumblemumble museum just down the street from the air and space. It's this great little sculpture hidden away around the back of the museum. I loved it immediately and took the shot with icon in mind. :)
She shoots, SHE SCORES!!
pisceandreamer at 2004-10-24 06:38 (UTC) (Permanent link)
Oooh, the Hirshorn - I haven't been there in forever - Now I have to go back and find that sculpture.
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2004-10-24 07:27 (UTC) (Permanent link)
Hirshorn!! That's the name of it!
The sculpture is outside so you don't even have to bother with the security checkpoints.

I'm loving your new icons, btw. :) That cat cracks me up, yo! Wherever did you find him?
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2004-10-24 07:31 (UTC) (Permanent link)
twolumps.keenspace.com (got it!)
She shoots, SHE SCORES!!
pisceandreamer at 2004-10-24 07:33 (UTC) (Permanent link)
If it's the very dangerous looking black cat, he was sitting on my mousepad at the time I took the pic.

The cartoon ones are from Two Lumps, at http://twolumps.keenspace.com/.
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2004-10-24 07:41 (UTC) (Permanent link)
"very dangerous looking cat"... hahahah... that's a cat caught mid-yawn! How dangerous can a yawning fluffy-wumppkin b@$@#@^%@$@%$^%@? ow. ;-)
She shoots, SHE SCORES!!
pisceandreamer at 2004-10-24 07:54 (UTC) (Permanent link)

Exactly. This morning he decided to alert me to his need for breakfast by alternating between pulling my hair and biting my head. Target just sat on the other side of my head looking at me as if to say, "SEE?! I'm being good! Can I have his breakfast, too?"
Simply Stan
paperpath at 2004-10-25 05:46 (UTC) (Permanent link)
Another proof that cats are intelligent... they play good cat - bad cat for mutual gain! :)
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